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Earth Blues just completed a new 10 demo recording

Earth Blues

 Earth Blues is all about capturing the spirit and history of blues and blues-based rock n' roll. Generation after generation of musicians have captured this spirit and passed it on in various forms and genres. Earth Blues is committed to continuing that tradition. We have no rules or strict standards to meet in choice of music but play what we like and what has been passed down to us through our collective experiences. We work to preserve the collective works of our time while keeping an eye out for new things that also catch our ear. We know you will enjoy our collection of songs.

The Band Members


Earth Blues

Music to Live and Love With

Kermit Kinne - Drums, percussion, noises and more cowbell

Ken Underwood - Bass Guitar and Vocals - It's all about dat bass bout dat bass....no treble

Mike Gibson - Guitar, vocals, harmonica and general calamity

Jeff Sen - Keyboards, vocals and flute - king of written music!

  Ken Underwood   Mike Gibson   Jeff Sen     Kermit Kinne